Digital awareness in Zendal

Achieving a cultural and mentality change to understand, share and internalize a new way of doing things.


Creating digital awareness within the organization



  • Digital skills, tools and fundamentals.
  • Update in infrastructure and technological operations.
  • Culture and Mindset transformation.


“Digital transformation puts us in a position of advantage, we can see where the market is going and it allows us to recognize our main strengths as an organization, while challenging ourselves to improve our work without losing the magic that our clients value so much.”

Andrés Fernández-CEO Zendal


We know where we want to get to. What is the best path?

Zendal is an industrial company within the pharmaceutical sector, with 25 years of presence in the market and with a team of more than 200 people.

Their north is clear, which is reflected in their vision for 2025, declaring the importance of Acting in all areas of One Health. This requires them not only to work on biotechnological advances but also on comprehensive solutions that encompass medicine, food and the environment, posing a significant challenge to managers when defining the strategy that will bring them closer to this vision.

And precisely the first step to define this strategy consisted of identifying the internal strengths that the company counts with to face the challenges and identifying all those things that must be done differently to achieve the objectives set out in the vision.

This analysis allowed the organization to find a solution in digital transformation, which will put technology as an enabler to eliminate routine actions that prevent it from maximizing business results, and focus on three key pillars:

  • Operations (Processes)
  • People (Changing the mentality of employees, openness to innovation)
  • Relationships (Stakeholders and alliances)

“I want to have a structure that encourages creativity, imagination”


“Let's make sure we don't lose the magic on the way”

The company’s strategy defines annual challenges, which rise in level over time, and guarantee an organic transformation during these five years along the way. One of the main challenges for the first year is: achieve a cultural and mentality change that allows us to understand, share and internalize a new way of doing things. This challenge poses an organizational transformation before a digital transformation, in which the human factor is key to achieving the objectives.

Being consistent with this challenge, Zendal launches the first tactical project of the year: digital awareness, an initiative that guarantees that the entire team will be prepared to undertake organizational change, developing not only digital skills but capacities that enable them to face changing scenarios and deal with the uncertainty of a future in which technologies are rapidly obsolete.

To guarantee the project objective of promoting new ways of working and spaces for innovation, a quick but deep understanding of the entire Zendal team was carried out, understanding their context, their current knowledge in technological / digital matters and their level of skills development of the XXI century. Therefore, the following initiatives were launched:

  • Internal interviews that would allow us to discover the challenges of each role and each department.
  • Analysis of the organization chart to understand the contribution of each role towards the strategy.
  • Online surveys around technology and digital skills for all the staff, which would allow us to categorize them by digital levels (basic-intermediate-advanced)

“The first step is to create a structure that encourages creativity and imagination across our team.”

With the awareness project, Zendal is clear that it is taking the first step to transform itself, since they are aware that their most valuable asset is their people, and for this reason, an awareness program was designed in which, before adopting any technology, people who do not have all the technological or digital knowledge relevant to their day to day, feel comfortable and learn the basic concepts at an appropriate speed, but also a program where those employees who have more advanced management of the digital age feel challenged with innovative content that is adapted to the organizational reality.

This awareness includes personalized plans for each employee, which allow them to achieve growth in:


  • Digital skills, tools and fundamentals.
  • Update in infrastructure and technological operations.
  • Culture and Mindset, new ways of working, mainly towards “digital”.

The awareness program is called “Digital Ground” (Because it gives them a basis to build their entire digital transformation strategy) and contains a whole grid of educational content, which is built based on the levels of knowledge and specific roles of the organization, going through introductory topics and covering more complex topics typical of the biotechnology sector to which Zendal belongs.

It is designed by topics, which are made up of modules that must be taken (Mandatory) and others that can be freely configured according to the interest of each employee (Voluntary). It also includes topics that are not necessarily focused on the digital environment but that are very relevant to the transformation of the company.

The program can be done face-to-face and online during working time and has pedagogical strategies such as: synchronous / asynchronous meetings, online questionnaires and autonomous work to be carried out by the employee, which allows each person to define their study rhythm ensuring that they comply with the goals of their personalized plan and that will prepare them to face the changes that arise in the operation of the business.

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