Founder testimonials 

"The Growth scanner gave us new ideas to look at our data, like having the Growth Accounting on the number of messages, and listening to the big picture told with data. This is useful for every company that needs to measure metrics like growth, engagement or retention.”

CEO and Growth Manager Camillion

"Traction is key for a startup, but sometimes you don’t have the time or resources to put the data up to see your evolution. This tool provides that. Our favorite part of the tool is seeing retention and community building super clear on our platform."

CEO and Co-Founder Vermut

"The Growth Scanner gave us useful insights about our revenues. What we most valued was learning about a few metrics that we were not measuring and having benchmarks to compare ourselves.”

CEO and Founder

Gemssy Technologies S.L.

If your product is generating lots of usage data but your team has not yet hired someone to analyze it, this tool will help you bridge the gap.


Measure health and growth potential signals

Are new users sticking around and increasing their spending? How efficient are user and revenue growth? Visualize the answers at a glance with the User & Revenue Quick Ratios chart.


Determine exactly how engaged are your users

The User Engagement And Retention chart will tell you how often do users use your key features and wether you have any "power users". The more users are engaged the more likely usage is to grow!


Get clear insights on Product-Market-Fit

Are you benefitting from long-term customer relationships? With a Customer Lifetime Value chart you'll get insights about the degree to which your usage data signals product-market fit. 

Want to see more? Take a look at a full, live Sample Report that our team has prepared!

Get bottom-up insights from the data you are already generating

Having invested in more than 80 companies around the world our team at TheVentureCity has used the Growth Scanner to help founders transform their product user data into valuable insights helping them make critical decisions based on understanding:

  • The health of your product and its growth prospects
  • Where you should be focusing your time and resources
  • How you compare with the top performing companies in your sector

Measure how your customer engagement and retention can support your startup's product-led growth

Why Are We Offering This Tool To Startups?

It is always enlightening for founders to see how efficiently their products are growing, but it is not so simple to transform large amounts of raw usage data into insights.

We decided to offer our Growth Scanner tool so we can share our analysis with any startup team interested in quantitatively examining its company’s performance without any expense to your company.

For us it’s a way to give back to the startup community and build relationships with strong founding teams.

The reports are built with anonymized data

During the data submission process we will only ask some basic information about your startup:

  • The business profile that best represents your startup (e.g. marketplace, SaaS, Pre-Revenue, etc)
  • Your industry profile to provide relevant recommendations aligned with your vertical
  • Anonymous event logs: Anonymized user-level raw data*

💡 Your data is secure with us. We will not share it with anyone and will delete it once we complete the analysis. You can read the terms of use here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “anonymized raw event logs?”

We are asking that you not send us “personal identifiable information,” or PII. In particular, this applies to the user ID field. Some systems use a user’s email address (ex: or a user-defined ID (ex: john_doe) from which the identity of that specific person could be determined. If your system uses PII for canonical user ID’s, we ask that you translate them to an ID number or alphanumeric code before you send us your data. We recommend not choosing the Amplitude option if you send any PII to Amplitude.

Where do I find my Amplitude API Key and Secret Key?

This link at the Amplitude website explains how to get this information.

What is the process? How long until I get my results?

We have built a data process & platform to generate automated reports. However, our secret sauce is that, behind the scenes, one of our Data Scientists, part of our team of investor-operators, will analyze your data and write commentaries. We commit to returning the finished assessment within 2-3 business days from the time of your submission.

In what format will I receive the assessment?

We will provide you the assessment as a Google Data Studio link shared exclusively with the email address you provide. You will just need a web browser to access Google Data Studio.

My company is pre-revenue, so what information should I submit?

“Events” are the things that users do in your product. Some events such as purchases, transactions, registrations, referrals, posts, shares, or likes tie directly to the health of your product and should thus be considered “key events.” Money does not need to change for an event to be “key.” Let us know which of your events you consider “key” and we will help you measure how many users realize value from your product every week or month. Send us an “event log” of your key events: a record of every date/time a key event occurs and what user triggered that event. It captures the “who, what, when, where, and how much” of the activity in your product. For more on this topic, please visit “Understanding Event Logs.

In what format should I submit the data set?

We accept user-level event logs in three possible formats:

1. Comma-delimited text file (CSV), which you may upload via Typeform. [Note: if your data exceeds Typeform’s 10MB upload limit, please contact us at for more options] 

2. A Google Sheets spreadsheet, which you will need to share with, a Google service account that we control. For more info on how to share a Google Sheet, please go here 

3. Amplitude. If you have an active Amplitude account, we can access your account via the Amplitude API. We will need your API Key and Secret Key. For an explanation on how to find those keys, please go here

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