Product-Led Growth Week

Third Edition

Join us remotely February 22nd - 26th to learn how your startup can build a repeatable playbook to acquire, retain & grow customers.

Application deadline: Friday, February 12th

Product-Led Growth Week Third Edition

Join us remotely February 22nd - 26th to learn how your startup can build a repeatable playbook to acquire, retain & grow customers.

Application deadline: Friday, February 12th

Our speakers have worked in hyper growth companies such as

About The Program

Why participate in Product-Led Growth Week?

You and your co-founders will have the chance to hear how TheVentureCity approaches Product-Led Growth. 

Having come from high-growth companies like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, eBay and others, our team has spent the last several years guiding 50+ startups through TheVentureCity’s intensive five-month Product Led Growth Program

Along the way we have continually refined our approach to growing startups based on extensive trial-and-error and pattern matching. Product-Led Growth Week is an opportunity for us to share the highlights with you in a condensed format. 

Over the five days, you will learn how we think about things like…

  • Moving quickly 
  • Designing the product in a user-centric way
  • Making the product the centerpiece of the go-to market strategy
  • Acquiring and retaining customers
  • Making data-driven decisions
  • Fundraising

You'll discover exactly how to get your startup to these kinds of MRR results:

Dates and Details

This program is 100% cash and equity-free.

Dates: Monday, February 22nd – Friday, February 26th

Time Commitment: ~ 3 hours per day broken into a 1.5 hour morning session (11am – 12:30pm EST) and a 1.5 hour afternoon session (2:30pm – 4pm EST)

Location: This program is fully remote. Join us from anywhere with adequate bandwidth!


Day 1: Monday, February 22nd
Opening Session: Welcome to the Product-Led Growth Week w/ Edgard D. Duque (Manager, Product-Led Growth Program Americas, TheVentureCity)
Morning Session: The Importance of Speed w/ Katya Skorobogatova (Chief Growth Officer, TheVentureCity - ex: Whatsapp, Facebook)

Our Chief Growth Officer will cover key steps to take when managing a high-growth-potential startup, such as moving fast, increasing decision-making speed, and increasing software delivery speed. 

Afternoon Founder Session: Ask Me Anything w/ Susanne Klepsch, (Co-Founder & CEO of Meetfox)

Day 2: Tuesday, February 23rd

Morning Session: User Journey w/ David Marcus (VP Product, TheVentureCity)

This session will center around how user journey is a great tool to start improving the health of your startup. Learn from our VP of Product about:

  • The difference between customers and users
  • What differentiates user journeys from customer journeys
  • What user journeys and customer journey look like when mapped out
  • What important points you should cover when you create your own user journey

Afternoon Session: Growth Mindset w/ Laura González-Estéfani (Founder & CEO, TheVentureCity - ex: Facebook, eBay)

What type of the mentality should entrepreneurs and founders have in order to build a successful startup, the importance of having a growth mindset, the most common challenges that founders face and the differences across geographies.

Day 3: Wednesday, February 24th

Morning Session: Measuring Product Usage and Health w/ David Smith (Data Scientist, TheVentureCity)

  • What does measuring the health of a person and measuring the health of an established business share in common? Find out from our VP of Data & Analytics as he provides an overview on metrics, recommends what data to use when measuring the health of your startup, and covers topics such as growth accounting, cohort analysis, unit economics, engagement, and building your own data pipeline.
  • You’ll also learn about TheVentureCity’s Data Pipeline Toolkit and how you can use it for your own startup!

Afternoon Session: Leadership for Growth w/ Jimena Zubiria (VP of People and Comms., TheVentureCity - ex: Google)

Our VP of People will guide you to design the foundation for and build your company culture “brick by brick”:

  • The Ground: Vision + Mission + Values
  • The Walls: The Team
  • The Windows: Setting Goals & Communication Transparency
  • The Roof: Leadership

Day 4: Thursday, February 25th

Morning Session: Product-Led Growth Strategies w/ Katya Skorobogatova (Chief Growth Officer, TheVentureCity - ex: Whatsapp, Facebook)

Discover from our Chief Growth Officer why Product is your main asset, as well as how Growth is a way to align and a process for your startup, as she discusses acquisition, activation, retention, and virality.

This session will also cover how to approach internationalization and how to adopt a global perspective.

Afternoon Founder Session: Ask Me Anything w/ Sasha Miagkyi, Co-Founder & CEO of

Day 5: Friday, February 26th

Morning Session: Fundraising Essentials w/ Andy Areitio (Fund Partner Americas, TheVentureCity)

Learn from TheVentureCity’s Fund Partner about:

  • How a VC firm works
  • Milestones required to unlock VC money
  • The basics of fundraising
  • Dilution
  • Vanity Capital vs. Venture Capital
  • How VCs make decisions
  • What materials you should prepare when fundraising 

Closing Session w/ Edgard D. Duque (Manager, Product-Led Growth Program Americas, TheVentureCity)


What do we look for in startup teams?
We’re looking for software-enabled companies that have formed within the last two years and have at least two team members working on the business full time. All industries and life stages are welcome to apply.

What are the terms of the program?
The program is completely cash and equity free. We welcome participants to apply to our 5-month Product-Led Growth Program afterwards. No commitment to join the program is required.

What are the program sessions like?
Each session will be led by one of our in-house experts covering topics from product strategies, growth tactics, user acquisition, fundraising, etc. Our team has held high-level roles at some of the biggest tech companies in the world including Facebook, Google, Pinterest and Whatsapp. There will be plenty of time for Q&A. Please note the program is completely virtual so all sessions will be hosted via Zoom.

During the week we will also have two extra "Ask Me Anything" sessions with two stellar founders who have already participated in and completed our Product-Led Growth Program, where you can hear firsthand about their companies and experiences in the program.

What is the time commitment?
The program will run for one week starting Monday, February 22 until Friday, February 26 and consists of one 1.5 hour session each day on Monday, Thursday, and Friday and two 1.5 hour sessions each day (3 hours total per day) on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The first session goes from 11am EST/8am PST until 12:30pm EST/9:30am PST and the second session goes from 2:30pm EST/11am PST until 4pm EST/1pm PST.

The two extra "Ask Me Anything" founder sessions will each take place on Monday, February 22 and Thursday, February 25 from 1pm EST/10am PST until 1:30pm EST/10:30am PST.

How many people from my team can participate?
To get the most out of the program, a minimum of 2 people from each startup team should participate in each session.

Does participation in Product-Led Growth Week increase my chances of getting accepted into the Product-Led Growth Program?
Participation in Product-Led Growth Week does not guarantee acceptance into the program but all participating startups will be eligible for consideration and are invited to apply.

Does participation in Product-Led Growth Week increase my chances of getting funded by TheVentureCity venture capital fund?
Participation in Product-Led Growth Week does not increase your chances of getting funded by us but you will have the chance to get to meet members of our Fund team and we’d love to stay in touch with you as you grow your business to see if there’s a good fit.

Discover how your product can be the main driver of growth

And why this approach has been used by successful startups like Slack, Dropbox, Zoom and many others.

The program is cash and equity free

At the end of the week, we welcome participants to apply to our 5-month Product-Led Growth Program, which includes a $100k investment (pending a due-diligence process).

Testimonials from previous editions

“Product-Led Growth week was super insightful for us at FutbolMarkt. We really benefited from the wide expertise the team brought to all the sessions, and it really inspired us to both change, and improve a few key processes within our growth strategy. “

CEO and Co-Founder of

“Well-rounded week covering all of the basis for a SaaS business. Very powerful when topics are implemented as part of your business processes.”

President of Customs City Global Solutions

“We really enjoyed the fast pace intensity, the mentor’s deep expertise, and the exploration of so many tools and practical techniques. To be part of a global cohort, with a diverse set of cultures and background is amazing. The offline slack, the live interactions, the homework are all contributing to a bootcamp-style learning experience. The relaxed, informal and fun environment stimulates contribution and engagement"

CEO and Co-founder of

“It was an incredible experience. I learned many concepts and ways of measuring data, I was also aware of some mistakes I was making on a day-to-day basis, so with the examples they provided I have modified and adapted the user flow and some other important pieces. The speakers did an impeccable job and the way they explained the topics was dynamic and effective.”

Founder of TokTalk

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