We live in a world where the best opportunities are heavily concentrated in a few postal codes, even though talent is globally distributed. This crude reality motivated us to build TheVentureCity. Our mission is to bridge this gap and provide the best entrepreneurs –regardless of location– the resources needed to elevate their businesses to extraordinary heights.



Back in 2017, we built an organization with values that reflect today’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals. We defined these values because we inherently believed that in order to change the world, we needed to start with ourselves. 

At TheVentureCity, the world’s minorities are our majority 

(100% female-founded company), thinking differently is the norm not the exception. Since the very beginning, being different and making a difference has been in our DNA.

Cultural Relevance & Diversity

At TheVentureCity we are committed to building a diverse network of portfolio companies, stakeholders and ecosystem of partners.

We genuinely believe that diversity of gender, ethnicity, race, culture, religion and sexual orientation truly brings a wealth of ideas and resources that strengthen our collective resolve – to support diverse founders building the most impactful companies.

Our portfolio is comprised of a multicultural group of international founders from more than 20 countries, of which 50% of them are minorities. We are proud to say that our companies make a profound impact in their respective communities across Latin America, United States and Europe. 

Founder & Investor Friendly

Our mission is to empower founders in emerging tech hubs through capital and expertise while also providing exceptional returns to our investors. 

We source deals in tech hubs with an abundance of specialized talent but a deficit of venture capital investment.

In emerging tech hubs, we often see investors taking advantage of the lack of funding by incorporating unfavorable terms in their term sheets for founders. Founders often feel they have no other option but to accept these terms in order to continue to grow their business.

At TheVentureCity, we invest under fair terms for both parties, ensuring a win-win for founders and investors.

Our work doesn’t stop with a signed agreement. Post-investment we roll-up our sleeves and work very closely with our founders to support them with the necessary tools and expertise to maximize their potential.

We actively provide strategic guidance on product, engineering, data, growth and internationalization. 

At the same time, we aim to bring our Limited Partners (LPs) closer to where the returns are made – the founders themselves. By bringing our LPs closer to our founders, they are able to exchange ideas, market expertise, best practices, and potentially even close partnerships or investment opportunities. 


The protection of the environment plays an important role in our investment decision.

Our investments are focused on early-stage startups that aim to improve efficiency by leveraging software. We do not invest in labor or resource-intensive sectors such as traditional manufacturing and agriculture. 

Giving back to the community

Since the very beginning we have put a lot of effort in building and nurturing the community of founders and startups across US, Europe and Latin America.

Our community of founders and startups across the US, Europe and Latin America is strong and ever-growing. Since the very beginning, we have put a lot of effort in building and nurturing the community of founders and startups across these regions.

We bring the community together through speaker events, workshops, recruitment, and knowledge-sharing.



The ESG framework is a crucial part of our investment decision making.

Any company that fails to fulfill its ESG mandate will not be considered for investment. Our extensive due diligence process includes an ESG compliance check which is thoroughly discussed during our Investment Committee meetings.


We believe corporate responsibility is best built when it fits into the culture of the company rather than being enforced upon.

Each portfolio company is unique. What remains consistent, however, is that each company takes active leadership in promoting equal opportunities, diversity, employee health and safety, and fair play. 

We are all about data-driven decision making, including our approach to ESG.

This means that our regular portfolio management – encompassing financial and operational metrics – also tracks ESG compliance. We actively cover corporate responsibility and risk management with our founders in each quarterly meeting.



In our day-to-day operations, every decision we make aims to minimize its own environmental impact.

Our company policies govern all the daily choices we make, such as using video conferencing instead of traveling for in-person meetings, using digital signatures instead of printing, and actively sorting and recycling office waste.


We are in the business of driving innovation through investment.

Our companies directly promote economic growth by being the most innovative and competitive in their respective fields. Our exposure to cutting-edge and up-and-coming technologies allows us to reach underserved communities or individuals that are hard to reach through traditional channels. By investing in early-stage companies, we are positioned to create a large amount of jobs in the near future, impacting both local and global communities.

Corporate Governance

Good ethical principles, industry best practices and our Limited Partnership Agreement (LPA) guide our daily operations.

We are ambassadors for promoting equal opportunities for all individuals, fair play among all team members and transparency in all relevant matters with our limited partners and our employees.